Craft Beer

The UK has the best Craft Beer scene in the world. Yeah, we said it, eat it everywhere else. So why the hell not show it off? We try to keep a good 50 craft beers on at any one time, including 20 draft lines featuring regularly rotating craft beer.


What’s On

Who doesn’t like live music? What you don’t? What about incredible DJ nights? Still no? How about incredible live Stand-Up Comedy, Surreal Pub Quizzes(ish), Tap Takeovers, Beer Festivals or just about anything in-between? Thought so!


Our Food

We like to cook things low’n’slow, American BBQ style, in little Louis, our Smoker. That’s not to say we’re a one trick pony though, we’re famous for our burgers, pizzas and vegetarian small plates. Oh and a few other things.

  • A brilliant venue

    Sharon Hawkins Avatar
    Sharon Hawkins
    17 Jun 2014

    Great pub with a lot of beers and wines of good quality and lovely food to boot.

    Liam Salter Avatar
    Liam Salter
    13 Oct 2017
  • Great pub, great service, great fun. As a veggie I have never eaten there because it's specialties are meat but it's still a fab place to go out. And I've... read more

    Jude Sloberts Avatar
    Jude Sloberts
    13 Oct 2017

    The Rafiki's thing on Tuesdays is so hawt right now

    Benjamin P D Kane Avatar
    Benjamin P D Kane
    24 Jun 2017
  • The food was lovely and the staff were so welcoming and friendly,the only fault i did have was the table we was seated at was right next to one of... read more

    Claire Louise Holding Avatar
    Claire Louise Holding
    07 May 2017

    Fantastic! Great vibe

    Tina Millington Avatar
    Tina Millington
    07 Mar 2014
  • 5 star ratingDelicious meals here, lovely atmosphere! Was very impressed with my meal here, it was delicious and fresh, generous portion, I would recommend anyone to visit here for a great meal out.

    Zoee R Avatar
    Zoee R
    30 Jul 2019

    Great pub good beer good food , excellent atmosphere

    James Valentine Byrne Avatar
    James Valentine Byrne
    14 Oct 2017
  • positive review it's a bit like the Blue Duck Smethwick in the 70is but with much refinement in the beer department ha ha the it was Mitchell's mild and Sam Brown ale .

    Vincent Mathews Avatar
    Vincent Mathews
    23 Aug 2019

    A great pub with a great vibe. Staff here are friendly and whenever they have big events it’s a great venue.

    Joe Pick Avatar
    Joe Pick
    14 Oct 2017
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