Our Smokehouse

Piggy in the Middle Smokehouse Platter
Anatomy of the Smokehouse
Bull by the Horns Smokehouse Platter

The Smokehouse

We cook our Smokehouse BBQ menu low and slow in our 100% genuine American Smoker. We’ve got BBQ classics from Hickory smoked Brisket, to Jacobs Ladder Cut Beef Rib and Sticky Smoked Chicken Wings, and they’re served as they’re meant to be with sides or on our massive sharing platters so the whole group to get involved.

The Classics

We don’t just fixate on quality American smokehouse BBQ though, we also have a large selection of US style classics, done well.

We hand-make our gourmet burgers using the finest quality steak, minced chuck and blade to get just the right fat content.  Try one of our Banging Brisket Burgers, a beef patty topped up with smoked brisket, or maybe a Shroomy B is more your thing, a giant Portobello Mushroom, topped with cheese mixed peppers and homemade crispy onion rings.

We make our pizzas in a real, Italian made, stone pizza oven so we can get the crispiest, thin dish base possible. Then top them with a mix of smokehouse BBQ and classic Italian ingredients. The What Came First finally tries to answer the age old question with smoked chicken, fresh spinach and an egg, while the Farmageddon is a smokehouse classic served on a pizza with pulled pork, ham hock, smoked chicken, burnt ends and BBQ Sauce

Then, on Sundays, we like to mix things up with a smokehouse take on the classic English Sunday roast. From a pulled pork roast to slow cooked beef, served with all the trimmings.

The Basics

Salad, pizza, burger, fries or Smokehouse BBQ – it doesn’t make any difference to us, because we use fresh ingredients and cook every single thing on our menu from scratch in our kitchen.  No delivery trucks full of frozen stuff cooked in some central factory. No microwaves, no boil-in-bag, no pre-packed, reheated processed pub grub here. We have a proper kitchen with proper chefs, so we aim to cook simple food, really damn well.

You can find all of our menus right here.

The Dark Horse
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