Our Food

Here is the tale of the meat on your plate; we buy all our meat from award winning butchers Joseph Morris. Their story is a special one: a third generation family business that offers the trace-ability, tradition and terrific quality we demand. Farm, abattoir, shop, all on one site in the Leicestershire countryside, not too far from Birmingham.
Our BBQ meat is cooked slow and low, so we wanted a butcher to select the cuts we need to get the best results from Louis, our Smoker. Point End Brisket, Asado Cut Beef Ribs and our Shank-on Whole Pork Shoulders give our chefs the best meat for our smoker.

For our hand-made gourmet burgers, we use finest quality steak, minced chuck and blade to get just the right fat content.  There is no rusk or rubbish added, just salt and pepper. Our humble burger buns are not so humble, made specially for us by Moseley’s finest bakers, Maison Mayci.  Then there is the topside for our Sunday Dinners. Only the best and all carefully selected by Keith, our man at Joseph Morris.  Salad, pizza, burger, steak or BBQ – it doesn’t make any difference to us as we use fresh ingredients and cook every single thing on our menu from scratch in our kitchen.  No delivery trucks full of frozen stuff cooked in some central factory. No microwaves, no boil-in-bag, no pre-packed, reheated processed pub grub here. We have a proper kitchen with proper chefs. We aim to cook simple food, really well.

The Dark Horse
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Opening Times:
Mon-Tues: 12pm–11pm
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