Our Food


We cook American food, we cook it fresh, and we cook it pretty damn well. We serve Smokehouse, Burgers, Pizzas and even more hit the links below to find all our daily menus.

The Smokehouse

Smokehouse BBQ is the process of cooking big ol’ portions of high quality meat for long periods of time until they melt in the mouth and fall off the bone. We cook our Pork Rib for six hours, Brisket for ten hours, and our Pork Shoulders for a whopping eighteen hours. We do this in our fresh off the boat, 100% American, smoker Louis.

In the true spirit of Americana, we don’t do things by half. On top of the smokehouse menu, we do classic thin crust pizzas, in our gen-u-wine Italian pizza oven; homemade burgers, cooked on the griddle and loaded up with everything but the kitchen sink; big, bold, & fresh and seasonal salads; exciting and unique US inspired small plates, smokehouse topped fries, and even a BBQ inspired Sunday lunch.

Salads, Pizzas, Burgers or Smokehouse BBQ – it doesn’t make any difference to us, ’cause we use fresh ingredients and cook everything on our menu from scratch. No delivery trucks full of frozen stuff cooked in some central factory. No microwaves, no boil-in-bag, no pre-packed, reheated processed pub grub here. We have a proper kitchen with proper chefs, so we aim to cook simple food, really damn well.

You can find our full menus above, and you can book your table right here.

The Dark Horse
145 Alcester Road, Moseley,
Birmingham, B13 8JP
☏ 0121 449 6300

Opening Times:
Mon-Tues: 12pm–11pm
Wed-Thur: 12pm-12am
Fri: 12pm–2am
Sat: 12pm–2am
Sun: 12pm–12am